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Board Giving and Grant Success – A Vital Link

Board Giving and Grant Success – A Vital Link

The Old Days… In the old days (over thirty years ago) I wrote my first grant for a small nonprofit when the vital link between board giving and grant success was almost non-existent. It was a federal grant for $90,000 for a rural runaway youth shelter. There...

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

According to John Maxwell, author of over 70 leadership books, everything rises and falls on leadership. As the leader of your nonprofit, your leadership abilities are crucial for the welfare of your staff, volunteers, and the community you serve.  It is imperative...

Nonprofit Board Responsibility

A strong and effective board is critical to the on-going success of an organization. This article does a good job of helping board members to understand their roles and responsibilities. Julé

Seven Benefits to Outsourcing Your Grant Writing Initiatives

While grant funds should not be the only revenue stream for a non-profit, they continue to be an effective way to raise dollars and should be a significant portion of a non-profit’s budget. If your agency is actively seeking grant dollars, you may choose to hire an...