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The staff at Grant Pathways believes that nonprofit resources should be invested wisely and strategically to produce the greatest return.

At Grant Pathways, we become a part of our client’s development team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time grant writer (not to mention, editor).

Before we begin a new grant application, our staff has done our homework to ensure that we apply for grants with a good probability of success for our clients. On a daily basis, we scan current literature seeking new funding opportunities, verifying deadlines, discovering trends in philanthropy and finding practical tips and information to share with our clients. We investigate local funding opportunities and actively network with the best interests of our clients in mind.

To determine the best funding prospects for our clients, we subscribe to two state-of-the-art database search engines which are invaluable to our researchers. We are highly skilled at matching the services provided by your organization with funders with an expressed interest in those services and population served. Grant Pathways prepares a comprehensive report summarizing the search results and includes key information for each prospect, including application guidelines and deadlines. Together, we use this report to develop an action plan designed to build funding support for your organization.

Grant Pathways works closely with our clients to develop strong grant proposal concepts and gather pertinent information that is needed for each grant proposal. Then, we take all of this information and write outstanding proposals for our clients. While some of our clients contact us with a specific grant proposal they would like us to write, we typically inform our clients on a regular basis about grant opportunities for which they would otherwise not be aware. We share our resources and knowledge to ensure that each client turns in the most competitive, compelling, and complete grant proposal possible.

Typically, we offer 12-month service agreements, with fees ranging from approximately $1,000 to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the number and kinds of grants in the agreement. Our team has worked with organizations of all budgets, sizes and focus areas.

If you are seeking grant writing assistance, we will not only write outstanding grant proposals for your nonprofit but, because of our expertise in the nonprofit field, also offer you a depth of experience and valuable advice on how to improve your chances for grant success.

Grant Pathways has a strong reputation for integrity and professionalism in all we do. Call us today to start down your path to greater effectiveness and funding!


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