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Grant Pathways

Grant Pathways is a team of grant writing professionals who have found their passion…helping nonprofits reach their full potential and maximize their impact in the communities they serve. We are expert grant writers with a combined 100 plus years of nonprofit and grant writing and winning experience for organizations across the U.S. Our team of grant writers and reviewers has served at the top levels of nonprofit organizations and foundations across the country. Our years of experience in the nonprofit world allow us to deliver services that go beyond simple grant writing. Our team helps nonprofits become highly competitive and successful in their grant seeking initiatives.


“Pathways to Growth has shown to have exceptional quality of work and have been successful with obtaining a substantial amount of grants that were not previously secured for ALPHA House.”


Jennifer Stracick Executive Director, Alpha House of Pinellas County, Inc.

“The grant writing team at Pathways to Growth is professional, organized and experienced.”


Melissa Mihok CEO, Heels to Heal

“Julé is very professional and I would highly recommend her to those seeking to write grants. We recently received a $10,000 grant from the Children’s Board that she wrote for us.”


Darlene Davis Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City

Latest News

Lessons in Grant Seeking from a Tricolored Heron

Lessons in Grant Seeking from a Tricolored Heron

The Heron A bike ride leads to an inspiring Heron rescue I did not expect to receive lessons in grant seeking while on holiday break this year with my husband. On New Year’s Eve, we ventured to a new bike trail….one of our favorite pastimes. We sort of stumbled upon...

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Grant Budgets & Cookie Recipes!

Grant Budgets & Cookie Recipes!

Writing the narrative takes the bulk of the time you spend preparing a grant proposal, just like mixing the cookie ingredients. However, grant budgets are just as important; they are like recipes when you are baking. This analogy is taken from Marilyn Boess of Grants...

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#Grant-Seeking as a Priority During COVID-19

#Grant-Seeking as a Priority During COVID-19

Why keep #grant-seeking as a priority during COVID-19 when there are so many urgent needs? Take a breath, take a minute, and remember – your mission depends on it. I don’t have to tell you that the world seems to be spinning out of control. Many #nonprofits are facing...

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