Grant Pathways is a division of Pathways to Growth

Grant Proposal Writing

Grant Pathways works closely with our clients to develop strong grant proposal concepts and gather pertinent information that is needed for each grant proposal.

Then, we take all of this information and write outstanding proposals for our clients. While some of our clients contact us with a specific grant proposal that they would like us to write, we typically inform our clients on a regular basis about grant opportunities for which they would otherwise not be aware.

Typically, we offer 12-month service agreements, with monthly fees ranging from approximately $1,000 to several thousand dollars, depending on the number and kinds of grants in the agreement. Our team has worked with organizations of all budgets, sizes and focus areas.

If you are seeking grant writing assistance, we will not only write outstanding grant proposals for your nonprofit but, because of our expertise in the nonprofit field, also offer you valuable advice on how to improve your chances for grant success.


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