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Case Studies

Client Case Study: Homeless Services/ Human Services Nonprofit

Client Challenges

  • Lacked manpower and expertise in grant writing
  • Lacked ability to conduct quality funder research
  • Budget limited to hire in-house grant writer
  • Lacked measurable outcomes and knowledge of how to best represent programs

Client Testimonial

“Working with P2G for many years has strategically helped ALPHA to obtain grant funding. The team has shown a sincere interest in our organization. They have been passionate about gaining the most funding for ALPHA. The P2G staff is dedicated and detail oriented.”

Jennifer Stracick, Executive Director

Solutions Highlights

P2G provided the following solutions:

  • Engaged highly qualified writers throughout contract and subsequent renewals
  • Provided an outside fresh perspective about their organization and grant writing
  • Conducted ongoing funder research and provided detailed information regarding funder focus and shifts due to COVID
  • Developed a grant writing plan and calendar with the client
  • Provided expert grant writing strategies catered to each funder’s focus and goals
  • Assigned a writer and a reviewer to craft grant proposals that aligned with funder goals and best represented the client
  • Engaged additional writers and reviewers to address emergency funding needs due to the COVID crisis
  • Provided ongoing funder research to assure that opportunities were pursued for maximum funding
  • Provided expert budget advice to the client

Results Highlights

As a result of P2G’s services the client has:

  • Won over $416,340 in grant funding since 2016 for building improvements, shelter, child abuse prevention, human trafficking, nutrition, staff, and general operating expenses
  • Acquired more effective language to describe their programs and organization
  • Navigated the appropriations process, bringing awareness of AHP’s services to both the Florida House of Representatives and Senate
  • Gained a better understanding of funders and how to approach them and appeal to them
  • Created solid budgets using funder budget forms and required structures
  • Received support during the COVID crisis with additional emergency grant research and writing
  • Saved thousands of dollars in wages and benefits by providing a writer from our team rather than a full-time staff person
  • Renewed the service agreement with P2G for 5 plus years
  • Received insights into how to best record and report services provided to clients

ALPHA House of Pinellas County (AHP) is committed to preventing the cycle of homelessness and child abuse by providing a safe residence and supportive services to homeless pregnant women and babies. AHP empowers women with the job skills, education, parenting skills, positive self-esteem and the spiritual foundation necessary to obtain permanent housing, successfully raise their children, and contribute to the community as self-sustaining mothers. AHP also invests in the community with an outreach program that provides hundreds of families with necessary childcare items each year.


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