Grant Pathways is a division of Pathways to Growth


Introduction to Grant Writing is a 4-6 hour training session(s) in which GrantPathways’ staff walks you step by step through the grant seeking and writing process.  You will learn vital insights into this process from experts who have been winning grants for over 25 years.   Instruction topics include:  Is your agency ready for grants?  How to get ready for grants; How to search for grants that best fit your agency; Types of grant proposals; Elements of a successful grant proposal; Practice with writing grants. (This workshop can be focused for faith-based agencies also.)  GrantPathways can also customize this training for groups.


Developing Your Five Year Strategic Plan is a series of facilitated meetings conducted by GrantPathways’ staff that will help your agency to focus its efforts while building its capacity for the next 5 years. Strategic Plans are a critical key to the success of a non-profit. GrantPathways customizes these sessions to meet the goals and schedules of your board and staff.  Your end product is a Five Year Strategic Plan that will be crafted by your board and staff, written by GrantPathways and used as a vital document for your agency’s future development.


Leadership Development A variety of John Maxwell Leadership Trainings including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Today Matters, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Becoming a Person of Influence, Leadership Gold, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Team Work, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, Developing the Leaders Around You, How To Be A REAL Success, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, Put Your Dream To The Test. 


Team Building for Boards is a 1.5 hour facilitated process in which you and your board members learn keys to working better as a team. Participants will learn more about their strengths and weaknesses and those of each team member and then brainstorm for ways in which they can build a more effective team and a board that best meets the needs of your agency.  (This can also be focused for faith-based agencies as a 2.5 hour session.)


Knowing Your Responsibilities as a Board Member is a vital workshop for all board members.  In this 2 hour session you will learn the types of boards, board versus staff roles, critical policies and procedures for board/agency safety and stability, the importance of protecting yourself as a board member through insurance.


Raising Funds and Friends as a Board Member is a 1.5 hour training that focuses on the responsibilities of board members to serve as fundraisers and friend raisers in the community and provides practical ways in which you as a board member can fulfill this responsibility.


Preparing Your Agency for Grant Seeking is a 1.5 hour training in which you will learn how to best position your agency for grant winning. Topics include documents and policies needed, budgets, outcomes, and evaluation.


Evaluating Your Fundraising Events is a 1.5 hour workshop that is customized to meet the needs of a non-profit.   GrantPathways has developed a highly effective methodology for analyzing your events for ROI, long term success and greater efficiencies.  This workshop can be customized for more hours to evaluate every event that the agency conducts.


How to Show the Community Just How Great You Are is a 1.5 hour workshop in which participants learn how to create a message to the community that focuses on your effectiveness as an agency.  Included in this workshop is an in-depth look at the Better Business Bureau Standards for Charitable Accountability.


So You Want to Start a Ministry is a 2 hour workshop designed for leaders who are in the planning stages of developing a ministry.  This workshop will walk you through the critical steps and knowledge that you need to know in order to be successful.


Designing Successful Programs for Grant Seeking is a 1.5 hour workshop that teaches attendees how to design programs that will attract grant funding.