Grant Pathways is a division of Pathways to Growth

Grant Research

The staff of GrantPathways believes that nonprofit resources should be invested wisely to produce the greatest return.  Before we begin a new grant application, the staff of GrantPathways has done our homework to ensure that we apply for grants with a good probability of success for our clients.

On a daily basis, we scan current literature with an eye to new funding opportunities, deadlines, trends in philanthropy and practical tips and information to share with our clients.  We have an ear to local funding opportunities and actively network with the best interests of our clients in mind.  GrantPathways also subscribes to a state of the art database search engine which is invaluable for researching funding prospects for our clients. 

GrantPathways offers a detailed funding prospect search service.   We are highly skilled at matching the services provided by your organization with funders with an expressed interest in those services and population served. We utilize the database tool to dive deep and look at the funders interests, restrictions and giving history.  GrantPathways prepares a comprehensive report summarizing the search results and includes key information for each prospect, including application guidelines and deadlines.  Together, we use this report to develop an action plan designed to build funding support for your organization.   Call us today to discuss how our prospect search service would help to focus your organization’s development efforts.